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Are you a senior manager or marketing chief with a small to medium marketing team? Or perhaps you are a business owner who has been 'going it alone' with their marketing?   In either scenario, do you appreciate the benefits which hiring an external marketing consultant can provide to your organisation? Allow us to explain...

Give your business objectives a boost

In the modern-day, marketing is far removed from placing an advert in a newspaper and hoping for the best. Today's marketing campaigns are targeted and focused on helping you meet your business objectives. In many cases, hiring an external consultant can give you the help you need in driving customer enquiries.

Due to their expertise and experience across a wide range of sectors, a marketing consultant can look at a business objective, and identify the audience, and the means, through which to achieve it. In the space of a short consultation, they can map out the path to generating more leads, and because they are used to taking a results-driven approach, can be expected to work towards your commercial aims.

Get another perspective

You might have thoroughly researched your audience, spent hours creating an all-encompassing marketing strategy, and had it signed off in the right places, but if it isn't working, is there a chance you are missing the trick? It is very easy to become 'trapped in the bubble' as an in-house marketing team. After all, you work in the same business every day, and sometimes we can tell ourselves we are doing all we can while thinking within very narrow parameters.

An external marketing consultant can change all that, giving you a fresh perspective, and when needed, a few home truths. By opening up your marketing to an expert with a critical eye, you give yourself a better chance of improving your strategy going forward.

Augment your marketing skillset

Do you have a graphic design queen or a social media king within your in-house marketing team? These kinds of specialities can be crucial in the digital-driven business world - but are you ticking all the boxes needed to fulfil your business objectives through marketing? There are so many marketing elements which could present the key to success - from search marketing campaigns to public relations. Do you have any weak spots? If so, an externally hired marketing consultant can fill them, and it can work out a lot cheaper than taking on another team member full time.

What can a marketing consultant do for you?

So which type of activities can you expect a marketing consultant to undertake on behalf of your business, to a high standard? The first activity might be inward, rather than customer-facing, and inform your own activities in the future. That is a marketing audit, which can deconstruct your existing marketing strategy, telling you what you are doing right, and wrong. A consultant can weigh up your marketing activities and spend against your achievements, before suggesting tweaks which can make all the difference.

You might also invite a marketing consultant to write a new strategy for you, especially if your current plan is not working out. They can define your core marketing aims, ensure even weighting across different channels, set out clear parameters for success, and put a realistic timeline in place. Then there is research. Our marketing activities can benefit so much from the right information on our target audience, as well as a thorough knowledge of our market. But day to day business duties can often get in the way, and so outsourcing to a marketing consultant can prove to be cost-effective in this regard.

For those still toying with the idea of bringing in external marketing help, remember that there are no obligations. You can book an initial with Prowse & Co. to discover what we offer without obligation, so you can then take an informed decision.  Call us on 07974 773989 for a confidential discussion.




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