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Business has a crucial role to play in building a stronger society and today there is growing recognition that, alongside the bottom line, there is an increasing need for companies to promote their importance to society. This issue has been simmering for a long time. Businesses of all sizes have a responsibility towards their employees, associates and clients to promote the positive aspects and vital role that business plays in society.

As a PR professional, I have seen a shift from the traditional B2B and B2C narrative, to a B2P (business-to-people) mindset, where customers are increasingly buying products or services on the basis of the reputations of organisations and their people. It is therefore vital that businesses of all sizes build, protect and nurture their reputations and networks.

Today, fewer people take things at face value. Advertising ‘the best product’ is no longer enough as social communications take hold. Smart companies now also recognise the need to demonstrate positive values by having a social impact on the environments in which they operate. This approach builds trust, sound relationships and positive reputations.