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Successful companies are often marketing led with customer needs at the heart of their business operations.  

Prowse & Co works with growing SMEs to creative cohesive marketing strategies that bring together all operational elements while considering internal and external issues.

Working closely with management teams, we help translate business objectives into achievable and measurable plans based on sound marketing and public relations theory.

We also advise boards and management teams, taking a non-executive director role or working flexibly as an interim consultant - particularly useful during times of organisation change.

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“We enlisted Prowse & Co's services for both PR and marketing initiatives on behalf of the Alberta Government. Their services and creativity are top notch and we have been very pleased with the work they've done for us. Alberta Canada has substantially increased its presence in the UK market and we believe that Prowse & Co's work contributed to this success. I recommend them without hesitation.

Executive Director - Alberta Employment and Immigration

We've worked in many industry sectors for companies small and large

Aerospace & Defence    
Economic Development
Financial Services
Food & Drink
Location Marketing
Professional Services
Property & Housing
Shopping Centres
Travel & Tourism
Women's Enterprise

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